Morning Drop-Off Drama

Mornings suck in my house. There really isn’t any other way to describe it. Not one person in my family actually enjoys waking up early. Nobody ever has something so exciting to do during the day that they are jumping up out of bed before the alarm goes off. David wakes up WAY too early to drive over an hour to work every day. My alarm clock goes off at 6am and you better believe I relish that 5 minute snooze feature before I have to drag myself out of bed at 6:05am.

I stop at the stairs to rub two furry tummies and then I head to Temera’s room to wake her up. She has her own alarm clock, but has gotten so used to ME rubbing her arm, gently asking her to get up and kissing her forehead, that she simply won’t get out of bed unless I’m there.

From there, I let the dogs outside, fill their food and water bowls and start making lunches. Temera gets a turkey sandwich. Amanda wants soup, but I don’t have the kind she likes so she settles for a PB&J sandwich. Lauryn wants jelly only, but she doesn’t like the jelly I have so she ends up with Nutella. Meanwhile, I whip up some egg salad for David, who eats it with a tomato and half an avocado every day. Ever. Single. Day.

Oh, did I mention I made coffee. Because y’all know I have to have my morning coffee.

All the above is done before 6:30 when I have to go wake up Amanda and Lauryn. Of course, they don’t actually get out of bed until about 7:00am. 30 minutes wasted.

I have to do 3 heads of hair, make sure all forms for school are signed, make sure lunch boxes are actually IN the backpacks. In between, I’m listening to…

“Mom, I have no underwear!”

“Mom, I can’t find my shoes!”

“Mom, when am I going to get my iTouch back?”

“Mom, I forgot to tell you…. ”

“Mom, can I….. ”

Needless to say, 7:30am drop off can’t come too soon for me.

However, yesterday…

We drove to school as usual. I let the kids out of the car and drove the 1/2 mile home. As soon as I walked in the door, David (who had a rare day when he didn’t leave before we all woke up) tells me that Lauryn called from school and forgot her backpack. Now, Lauryn rarely forgets things, but the fact remained I had to go BACK to school to give it to her. Sounds simple, right? Not really.

See… once the kids are within the school gate, they aren’t allowed to leave unless a parent signs them out. So… that means I had to drive back to school and actually find a parking spot. Then, I had to walk the backpack into the office. Sounds simple, yes? Not so fast.

You see… I’m one of those Moms. You know the kind… the one who is so busy getting everyone else ready in the morning that we tend to drop off the kids before we have a chance to shower or dress ourselves. In other words… I was in my pajamas! Well, I can’t very well walk into the school wearing my PJ’s. Yes, I realize many women do… but not this one.

So, I had to quickly throw on some pants and a bra, brush the hair so it didn’t look like I just stumbled out of bed, and make my way BACK to school. No wonder I was in a bad mood the rest of the day.

And then TODAY happened. Same morning routine as every other day. Took the kids to school. Dropped them off. And while Lauryn was getting out of the car, she tells me… “Mom, I forgot my lunch box!” Holy %^&*

Now, I was once again in my PJ’s (stop judging) and there was no way I was going to run home and get dressed just to grab the lunchbox and walk it into school. So, I told Lauryn to get back in the car and we’ll run and get it and I’ll loop around and bring her back to school. We had time. However, as we are driving AWAY from the curb, she looks in her backpack and WHAT THE HELL? THE LUNCHBOX IS THERE!!!!!!

SOOOOOO…… I have to loop back around the block anyway and drop her BACK off at the curb. Apparently my Tuesday isn’t looking so hot either!

So, how are your mornings?

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