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It’s My Baby

by Carolyn West on January 19, 2012

Yesterday I blacked out my blog in support of the SOPA/PIPA ban.

I really try hard not to be political on my blog, although there are plenty of times when I’d love to just blast the $%^& out of some people. But this… this internet thing… I knew I couldn’t just stay silent.

Every person I know who is online has at one time or another put a music or video clip on their blog, facebook status or twitter feed. It’s what we do. We share. We find something funny or disturbing and we want everyone we know to share in our feelings about it. That’s the beauty of the internet… we can voice our opinion and get support from hundreds (thousands) of people who share our views.

I totally have sympathy for the entertainment industry who want to be able to regulate their creation. Believe me, I would never condone plagiarizing or stealing in any way. It’s wrong. But a 60 second video clip or part of a song chorus? Really? That offends you so much that you want to actually prosecute us? You are going to shut down my blog because I share your song or your TV show or a movie preview? I’m pretty sure my entire family would be in jail right now if you did.

Freedom of speech comes in many forms. It’s the one thing we have as Americans that we thought could never be taken away. So why does it feel like it might be taken away? It scares me.

If I quote a line of a movie… will I be shut down?

If I forward that movie scene we talked about… will I be arrested?

If I mention I was offended watching that TV show… will I be told to remove my honest opinion.

Will I be threatened?

Will I be told I can’t say what I want to say?

Do I still have any freedom of speech left?

I certainly hope so.

Right now SOPA and PIPA are pretty much dead in the water. Public officials who originally supported them are dropping like flies.  I’m hoping that the collective voice of the internet made a difference. I’m hoping that another bill won’t be written and voted on in the future. Without our voices, who are we? Without our opinions, there wouldn’t be any blogs. My blog is my baby and like any parent, I will support, defend and stand in the way of anyone who wants to take it away from me.

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Beverly Diehl January 19, 2012 at 5:37 pm

Sharing HELPS artists, authors and other creative people. Last week, there was a music video clip on another blog that I loved. I ended up buying not only that song, but an entire album by that band, who I’d never heard of.

Even panning a book or movie – *some* people are going to read something like that, see a clip, and go, “Well, this I gotta see for myself.” Lots of times I’ve used a short movie clip on my blog, and gotten comments that say, “I’d forgotten how much I loved that movie. I’m putting it in my Netflix queue.”

I understand the concern of creative artists – how to make money, if people are giving away their content for free? But SOPA & PIPA aren’t the right answer.
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temysmom January 19, 2012 at 4:15 pm

As of this morning, there are 45 against. That’s up from the 5 against last week. I just hope this doesn’t rear it’s ugly head and start slipping backwards again. Politicians need to keep their necks out of internet business.


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