Frozen Time… Sing Out Loud, Sing Out Strong

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On September 30, 2014 Walt Disney is releasing 4 albums: Frozen: The Songs, Frozen: The Songs Vinyl Soundtrack, Frozen Canciones de una Aventura Congelada, and  Frozen Score Digital Soundtrack. Lucky for me, Disney sent me a copy of Frozen: The Songs just for me. Okay, for me and my kids. Well, not really… mostly for me.

I’m pretty sure there aren’t many people left that haven’t seen the movie Frozen. It’s kind of taken over at the top of our list of favorite movies. The soundtrack is the top-selling album of 2014… of course. I’m not sure there have been any other movies where the music has taken off as much as this one. It’s been crazy… my kids (especially Lauryn) know every word to every song.


So… the songs. The CD has all your favorites:

1. Frozen Heart (performed by Cast)

2. Do You Want to Build a Snowman (Performed by Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monnand and Katie Lopez)

3. For the First Time in Forever (Performed by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel)

4. Love Is an Open Door (Performed by Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana)

5. Let It Go (Performed by Idina Menzel)

6. Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People (Performed by Jonathan Groff)

7. In Summer (Performed by Josh Gad)

8. For the First Time in Forever – Reprise (Performed by Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel)

9. Fixer Upper (Performed by Maia Wilson and Cast)

10. Let It Go – Demi Lovato Version (Performed by Demi Lovato)

Who knew Kristen Bell had that kind of voice? She is amazing… and I’d love to see her reprise her role in the theatrical version when it arrives. And what can I say about Idina Menzel? I’ve loved her since she starred in Wicked and I could listen to her voice all day long. In fact, I kind of am since I’ve pretty much set Frozen: The Songs on a loop. I have to say, though, that I usually skip the Demi Lovato version. When you have Idina singing, you kind of can’t compare.

I have all the songs downloaded to my iPhone, but I have to say it’s kind of fabulous to have the CD that I can keep in my car and just pop it in when I’m driving. This is some seriously fun driving music… especially when you’re waiting to pick up the kids every afternoon. Go ahead and sing out loud… the other parents won’t think you’re strange belting out a song with your windows rolled up. Well, at least not much.

The CD has a few surprised as well. If you remove the paper information, you’ll find that one side unfolds into a poster of the characters. The other side is a full-on list of all the lyrics. I would probably love this if I didn’t already know every single word by heart. But I have to say… this is pretty good for those of you who regularly Karaoke.


So what do you think? How many Anna and Elsa Halloween costumes do you think will be knocking on your door this Halloween?

Want to purchase your own CD… click on the link (it’s an affiliate link – means I make a few cents off of it – just so you know).

Frozen: The Songs

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Change is Inevitable… Make it Count



Predictable is boring. It might be safe, but it usually doesn’t get you very far. I’ve had the same blog design for years and I would wake up every day and look at it and think, “I need a change!” Change was a long time coming for several reasons. First, I’m not a blog designer. Ask me to redecorate a room in your house, or your office, or a hotel, and I’m all over it. I can do a mood board, draft up a floor plan, budget, purchase and install. But blog design? Nope, I haven’t got a clue. So after my amazing blog designer left the business, I was kind of lost. I would spend hours scouring the web and Pinterest for a new blog designer who would be a good fit for me. The problem was that I had absolutely no idea what I wanted. I new change needed to come… but change to what?

The second thing that held me back was that I knew I couldn’t do it myself. I’m great with the theory of blogging, know all about blog campaigns and social media… but when it comes to being techie about it all… you lost me. I can figure out a lot, but taking a chance that all my years of blog posts could magically disappear if I hit the wrong button scared the crap out of me.

So… it took forever for me to make a change. But I’m glad I finally did.

It’s not super fancy, but it is super simple. And sometimes simple really is best. The new design is a work in progress. I’m not sure what it will evolve into, but I’m getting my feet wet and trying some new things. I got over the hump of doing something new and different, and now I’m running with it.

Instead of wondering why I wasn’t getting more page views or more shares or likes on my posts, I decided the blog wasn’t going to change itself. If you don’t take a step in a new direction, you are sure to never get there.

I took the step… a little scary… and I’m excited to see what lies ahead.


Bringing in Autumn with #FebrezeFall

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It’s my favorite season: FALL. Living in Southern California, I don’t get to experience it as much as I did when I lived in Connecticut, but I can still pick out the trees that do change colors on my street, and I can at least bring those great fall touches to the inside of my home. Part of that comes from adding in the colors, flavors and scents of the season. Thank you Febreze for creating your new Home Harvest Collection of scents.

One day last week, I happened to find a huge box on my doorstep. What was inside made me smile. How adorable is this?


Febreze has an entire new line with scents that will make any house feel warm and cozy. Remember how your home smells when you cook Thanksgiving dinner? Now you can get the same feeling with Febreze.


The plugin freshener is my absolute favorite and I have one in my living room so you get that touch of sugar and vanilla (my chosen fragrance) when you walk into my house. There is also a Febreze car freshener that clips to the visor. I got Toasted Almond. Yum… wanna come for a ride?


One of the things included in my Home Harvest box was a recipe box full of great fall ideas for your home.



I loved all the recipe, activity and decor ideas, but I really wanted to try out one of them in particular: the Lightbulb Pear.

PicMonkey Collage

 You will probably have all the supplies you need in your home already.



The trick is making sure you hot glue as you go around the light bulb or else you might find the twine unraveling in places you don’t want it to. And watch out for your fingers… they don’t call it HOT glue for nothing.

photo 1

The finished pears look ah-mazing! I love how easy they were to craft and how incredible they look as part of my home decor. You can even add some Febreze fragrance to them to make them really pop on your coffee table.



Check out the new varieties of Febreze for the holidays at your local Walmart. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up on new products and great decorating ideas.


This little girl with the big, blue eyes, the heart of gold, who hugs tight and adores her family… this little girl, not so little any more, who is stuck between two sisters – one older, one younger – and who often feels left out… she is my heart, my soul and my pride & joy. She is 12. 



What Day Is It?

I’m lying in bed and I’m pretty sure it’s Wednesday. Wait… Thursday. No, definitely Wednesday. With Labor Day being on Monday, my week is completely thrown off. David ended up working last Saturday, and then he was home on Monday, so that threw me off as well. Tuesday was really my Monday. Except that it wasn’t. And now I’m not sure if I’m coming or going.

Did I mention that somewhere between Sunday and Monday I also got sick? It felt like food poisoning, which I had before… way back in 1987 when I was in the Italian Alps. Food poisoning in the Italian Alps isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. Sick. Don’t speak the language. No doctors or hospitals around. Top of a mountain. Ahhh… memories.

So was it food poisoning? I don’t know. It could have been some kind of virus. Sure felt like Ebola.

Which is why I’m not sure what day it is.

That, and the fact that I spent way too much time in the car this week already either taking kids to school or picking kids up from school or taking friends home or driving kids this way and that. I’m the chauffeur. (I’m counting the days until Temera can drive… shhhh… don’t tell her.)

Three kids, three different schools, two back to school nights this week, two tennis matches, and numerous minimum days. Amanda had minimum days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Temera had minimum days Wednesday and Thursday. Lauryn had early release day today. Oh, and Temera started at one time on Wednesday and another time on Thursday. And Amanda didn’t have late start this morning. Oy vey! And you wonder why I’m a little confused.

But other than that (sigh) it’s been a pretty good week. A new client for Social Elements Media, a new campaign for Collective Bias, and some pretty good paychecks coming in. I even managed to crock-pot some meals. Hurray for home-cooking.

But now I’m tired. Really tired. So 338 words is about all I can handle tonight.